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The team's mission

The TUVALU development team has the following mission:


The INRIA galaxy action

The open source SOA/BPM development team TUVALU mainly represents the INRIA galaxy R&D collaborative action. As a lead of the INRIA galaxy action, TUVALU aims at facilitating collaborative actions grouping multi-disciplinary academic and industrial partners through its R&D contributions in the field of SOA/BPM, and disseminating the results of research and development projects into open source communities (OW2 Consortium, Eclipse Foundation, NESSI European Initiative). Consequently TUVALU contributes to extending and fostering those communities.


The INRIA galaxy project is a new type of collaborative action promoted by INRIA (called ADT, “Action de Développement Technologique” - Technology Development Action) grouping six INRIA research teams (ADAM, ASCOLA, ECOO, TRISKELL, SARDES, OASIS), and promoting both research and development work. The INRIA galaxy ADT is led by the INRIA development team TUVALU. INRIA galaxy aims at providing an open SOA/BPM platform prototype, enabling agility using dynamic architectures. INRIA galaxy will provide an integrated environment by assembling and leveraging INRIA technologies including: Fractal-based and SCA-compliant middleware platforms (FraSCATi, Grid ProActive), Eclipse-based technologies (STP-IM) for enabling interoperability between SOA/BPM-related standards for modeling, representation and execution (BPMN, BPEL, SCA, JBI), concepts and technologies enabling MDE-based transformations (Kermeta), crosscutting monitoring and event processing features (using the WildCAT framework for context-aware applications, and using an open source Complex Event Processing engine). INRIA galaxy covers a wide range of functionalities, from design tooling to adaptable and extensible runtime, offering monitoring and advanced management functions. INRIA galaxy will enable designing, deploying, running and monitoring systems, following concepts and paradigms inherited from service-oriented, process and dynamic architectures, and offering a set of management functions for agile and dynamic systems. The software components and their assembly provided by galaxy are available and accessible through the open source channel, and most of them are hosted in OW2 and Eclipse communities.


The team's project

Projects with TUVALU involvement:


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