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National and international research programs

The TUVALU team is involved in several national and international research programs.

French projects


JOnES (Java Open ESb) is a project funded by the French National Research Agency , under the the RNTL label (Software Technology National Network). The JOnES platform project has been selected and obtained the label in 2005.

The JOnES platform aims at: The JOnES platform is built around the core ESB PEtALS

The TUVALU team involvements
INRIA is involved in the entire JOnES project.

The TUVALU team is the project coordinator and contributes to the management, dissemination and standardization aspects. The team also participates in the overall packaging and integration demonstrators.


SCOrWare stands for "Service Component Oriented software".

This project aspires to provide an open source implementation for the recent Service Component Architecture (SCA) specifications. The SCOrWare implementation includes a runtime plateform as well as tools to facilitate the creation and development of applications complying with SCA specifications.

The SCOrWare project has three main goals: Developments made for the SCOrWare project will be freely available and hosted by the OW2 consortium.

Project's partners are: The TUVALU team involvements

INRIA is the project coordinator.
The TUVALU team mainly contributes to the standardization and dissemination aspects.
The team also takes part in the use case demonstrators which illustrates the project results from several use cases.


SemEUsE (SemantiquE pour bUs de servicE) is a project funded by the French National Research Agency , under the the RNTL label (Software Technology National Network).

Gathering Thalès Communication France, France Télécom, EBM Websourcing, le LIP6, l'INSA de Lyon, l'INRIA (Arles & Tuvalu) et l'INT, SemEUsE stands at the crossing of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)-based infrastructures, semantic technologies, and considerations for ensuring QoS properties. This project aims at providing a context-aware semantic service architecture, addressing both design phase and runtime phase.

SemEUse project extends JOnES platform.

The TUVALU team involvements

European projects


The FP7 European project SOA4All, endorsed by NESSI has held its kick-off meeting in Madrid in March 2008.

SOA4All aims at enabling a world of billions of services that can be created, composed and used as easily as web pages today. Its main principles revolve around Web 2.0, Semantic Web, Context Management and innovative infrastructure technology, capable of integrating services on a web-scale. SOA4All will significantly contribute to the NESSI Open Framework which is one of the main challenges of the European Platform on Software and Services.

TUVALU coordinates INRIA's contribution to SOA4All and is involved in infrastructure development, monitoring and tooling development with the INRIA teams Adam and OASIS.

TUVALU team uses WindowBuilder Pro for monitoring and tooling development.

Galaxy ADT

The TUVALU team contributes to the Galaxy ADT (i.e. Technological Development Action)

The "galaxy" ADT , whose submission was led by the TUVALU team, has been accepted and funded by INRIA D2T (i.e. Technological Development Direction), such as ten more ADTs, and three associate engineers will be recruited to participate to this project.

Let us remind that "galaxy" aims at providing an open software framework for agile and dynamic software architectures, and at making INRIA a value-added player in the SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) arena.

"galaxy" is a fruitful collaboration between seven INRIA project-teams and teams; Adam, Ecoo, Oasis, Obasco (soon Ascola), TUVALU, Sardes, Triskell, geographically distributed across multiple INRIA Research Centres (Grenoble/Rhône-Alpes, Lille/Nord Europe, Nancy/Grand Est, Rennes/Bretagne Atlantique, and Sophia Antipolis/Méditerranée).

The "galaxy" project, led and managed by the TUVALU team, is planned over 28 months, and its internal kick-off has been held in Paris on next July, 3rd.


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